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Hot dog

Hot dog


For crescent buns:

For vegan sausages:

For the filling:
  • salad mix
  • spring onion
  • vegan cheese
  • sugar-free mustard


For the crescent, mix the ingredients, cut the dough into 4 equal parts, and shape them into nice crescent shapes. Spread the top with the olive oil, and on a baking sheet lined with silicone baking paper, bake in a preheated oven at 190 degrees Celsius for 25-30 minutes on conventional top and bottom setting. Leave them to cool on a wire rack.
Grate the carrot for the vegan sausage on a small hole grater. Cut the onion into small pieces, then fry them in the olive oil. Leave them to cool, then season with salt and pepper. Mix it with the patty mixture and enough water to make it formable. With oiled hands, shape them into 4 pieces of vegan sausage and fry under the lid on a low heat. (Turn them in during fry.)
Cut the crescents in half, then fill them with vegetables and vegan sausage. Sprinkle it with vegan cheese and mustard.


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