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Basic Bread in a bread making machine

Basic Bread in a bread making machine

This is a recipe that is not set in stone (actually there is no recipe, just a guideline) as everyone has a different bread maker at home. I just tested this recipe with a Tefal PF220 machine.

What is important is that the machine has 3 gluten-free programs, but none of them really worked for me as much as the longest basic program (I have 4).

It is also important to mention that I was able to bake the best bread in this machine from 250 g of flour, by setting it to the darkest crust and 1,000 g bread. In my opinion, these settings are the best because (I think) this is how the machine bakes for the longest time and thus the temperature is the hottest, so if you do not have such a machine, choose these conditions tailored to your machine.

When I used 500 g of flour, the bread was too dense, and the next day it became a little rubbery, and they even rose over the mould, so I recommend this 250 gram amount to you as well (for me, the baked bread completely fills the mould). I tried to add 250 g of water to 250 g of flour, it turned out to be a beautiful bread, but it became so soft that it was very difficult to slice it on the first day, but if it is not a problem, you can do it anyway.

It's a little trickier, but you get a much nicer result if you mix the dough with a robot mixer before putting it in the machine. The surface of the bread will also be much nicer. Unfortunately, my machine could not mix it until it was lump-free, even if I mixed it in carefully from time to time.



Mix the ingredients with a food processor on medium speed for a maximum of 5 minutes (first separately), then transfer them to the machine with a wet spoon and smooth them evenly. Bake it on basic bread program 4, if you can choose, then use the darkest crust and bake it on 1 kg bread program. Leave to cool completely on a wire rack, then slice as desired. I got 15 slices.


Basic Bread in a bread making machine

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