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Is yeast vegan?

Is yeast vegan?

Many people may have wondered whether those who follow a plant-based diet can consume yeast in various pastries and some bread. So we investigated whether vegan yeast exists.

It may not be necessary to explain that those who lead a vegan lifestyle do not consume any animal products. We can easily categorise many products according to whether they can be included in the vegan lifestyle or not. However, there are some, such as yeast, for which it is not easy to decide where they can be classified.

What is yeast?

Yeast, or yeast fungus in its full name, belongs to the family of fungi. This means that it is considered a living organism, but it does not have a nervous system, so it does not feel pain. There are several types of it. The two best-known types here are fresh and dried, otherwise known as powdered yeast.

Yeast contains many necessary substances that can have a good effect on the body. It also contains proteins, sugars, fats, vitamins and minerals.

  • 7% minerals
  • 49% protein
  • 40% carbohydrate
  • 4% fats

Yeast is classified as a micro-organism. Its shape is very similar to an egg, but we cannot see it with the unaided eye, only with the help of a microscope.

Is yeast vegan?

How is yeast made?

Fresh yeast is produced using molasses, a by-product of sugar production. During preparation, this substance is commonly diluted. After this, various necessary nutrient salts are added during the process. After pasteurization, they are inoculated with the fungus, and then they begin to multiply the yeast.

The dried yeast's preparation process is similar to that of fresh yeast but has a few extra steps. In practice, that looks like this: after the method used for fresh yeast. The done yeast dries with the help of warm air, and then it is packed airtight. This packaging mode is an important factor because oxygen negatively affects the effect of the leavening agent. Those dishes made with dried yeast usually do not rise as much as the desired result.

That's why it's also important that if you prefer powdered yeast, always seal it airtight if you don't use the entire bag.

How much powdered yeast is equal to a package of fresh yeast (which is available in 50g packaging)?

In these powdered yeasts, a lot less is needed than in fresh yeast. A package of yeast corresponds to roughly 14 g of dried yeast.

Is yeast vegan?

Because we have already clarified that yeast belongs to the family of fungi and that, even though it is considered a living organism, it does not have a nervous system. Thus, our answer to the question is yes; we consider yeast vegan.

Now we are talking to those who, for some reason, cannot consume yeast, as they do not need to be discouraged if they want to eat something delicious.

Recreate it at home

Baking and cooking may be enjoyable, even if it's easy. We created our Bake-Free flour mixes in such a way that they work without yeast. So, it is simple to integrate into most diets.

If you've already decided to conquer the kitchen with a wooden spoon, then all you need are the tastiest recipes. Our blog has many well-proven recipes. Check this out!

Perhaps we are more willing to use yeasts now that we are more familiar with them.

Of course, it is up to everyone to decide whether to use yeast at our company. We do not use fresh yeast in recipes made from Bake-Free flour mixes. We can also be sure that we can eat anything that contains yeast as vegans.

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