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Private label

We give your product the same expertise as if it were our own brand. We take good care in the preparation, and also in the selection of raw materials to work with- we only use the finest raw materials. Our pasta is made with modern Italian pasta machinery. We use our years of experience to help you build your brand. When it comes to gluten-free and plant-based products, we are one of the best choice out there.

Our expertise extends through the careful selection of raw materials to the preparation of the final product. During the cooperation, we work closely with you to provide all the necessary information about the production. We also help create the design and labels of the product.

Work with us

Our young and enthusiastic team loves challenges, so we're always thinking of something new and amazing to create. Innovation is important to us. We keep an eye on the continuous technological development, it is key for us to use the latest tools in our production. We test our products regularly so that you always take home the highest quality. For this purpose, we have a dedicated research area on our premises where we bake, cook, test and taste all day long. The product undergoes extensive testing before it is released publicly to ensure its high quality. We pay great attention to our ingredients, which are carefully selected. We always strive to give you the best quality, with the aim of reducing our ecological footprint.

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