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Caramel brownie

Caramel brownie


For brownie:

  • 250 g Bake-Free sponge cake muffin flour mixture
  • 12 g organic cocoa powder (children's carob powder)
  • 20 g coconut oil in melted state
  • 60 g very thick coconut cream
  • 145 g pitted, fresh dates
  • 310 g water (or sugar-free vegetable drink)
  • caramel flavor to taste


For the cream:

  • 50 g pitted fresh dates
  • 50 g natural hazelnut cream (without sweetening and cocoa, ground hazelnuts)
  • 50 g of warm water


For decoration:

  • 10 g of roasted peanuts



For the brownie, smooth the date paste over the cream with the coconut oil, coconut cream, flavor and water. Carefully add the liquid little by little. Mix the flour with the cocoa and then pour in the liquid. It will be a thick dough. Flatten into silicone-lined baking sheet (24x24 cm) and bake in a preheated 180-degree oven for 25 minutes with bottom-top baking.

Combine the ingredients for the cream with a stick mixer, then cut the cooled cookie into 9 equal slices, spread with the cream and sprinkle with coarsely chopped peanuts.

Caramel brownie
Caramel brownie

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