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Gluten-free flour mixtures

Mix it, bake it love it!

We've created unique products that put a whole new spin on a free lifestyle.

The flours in the Bake-Free range are all gluten, dairy, egg, soy, corn starch, corn flour and rice free. They can be used to make fibre-rich, sugar-free, nutritious treats that fit into most diets. They contain ingredients that a 5-year-old child can easily understand.

We have created the perfect flour blends for you to bake the
best baked goods, sweet or savoury cakes and pastries, all with plant based and
gluten-free ingredients.

Our innovative team follows the new trends, but we're always looking to come up with new product ideas to be the trend ourselves. But why ready-to-use flour blends?  Because low time frame and practicality are expected in everyday life, but that's no reason to compromise on taste, texture and appearance to best resemble its classic gluten-containing sibling. we believe that healthy eating should never be compromised either, because why not eat the same delicious food in a modern free-from version.



Reproducing the gluten-net from a gluten-free wheat flour was a tough challenge for the R&D team, but we finally succeeded in creating the Bake-Free range, which contains no additives and can mimic the properties of wheat flour.



We've tried to design the products so that one type of flour mix can be used to make several different dishes, so they're more practical. That's why we work every day in our research kitchen to make as many recipes as possible from the same flour mix.

The best thing about these flours is that they are almost indestructible, so no one will have a failure experience. Not to mention the possibility to bake and cook according to your own personal taste, enjoying the possibilities of a plant-based lifestyle.

Our ready-to-cook flour blends are free from as many allergens as possible, so you can make delicious treats in minutes. We believe that with these products, we can offer an alternative to those who need to follow a special diet or just want to eat healthy and nutritious food.