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Grill burger

Grill burger

Ingredients for 2 pieces:

For the buns:

  • 75 g Bake-Free Dough flour mixture
  • 75 g Bake-Free Sponge cake-muffin flour mixture
  • 170 g lukewarm, sugar-free plant drink (almonds)
  • 1.5 g coconut flower sugar
  • 2.5 g black salt
  • a pinch of stevia powder (you can leave it out, it was only added for sweetness)
  • quarter packet of powdered yeast (about 2 g)
  • for the top of the buns, 3 g of sugar and sweetener-free home-made plum jam mixed with 8 g of water until lump free

For the patties:
  • 1 onion (cleaned 82 g)
  • 3 garlic cloves (cleaned 15 g)
  • 4 cherry tomatoes 56 g
  • 1 tablespoon sugar-free, sweetener-free, homemade plum jam (12 g)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar-free Dijon mustard (3 g)
  • 5 g Himalayan salt
  • 70 g Bake-Free Argentin BBQ patty mixture with millet
  • for baking, 2 g of coconut oil

For the filling:
  • red onion
  • tomato
  • sugar-free pickled cucumber
  • vegetable cheese
  • sugar-free coconut yogurt (or almond yogurt)
  • Dijon mustard


Mix the ingredients and leave it to rest, covered in a warm place for 30 minutes, then divide into 2 equal parts and shape them into nice bun shapes. Spread the top with the plum mixture and on a baking sheet lined with silicone baking paper, bake in a preheated oven at 190 degrees celsius for 20-25 minutes on conventional top and bottom setting

Blend the onions, plum jam, mustard, salt and tomatoes until creamy, then stir in the mixture. It is important to mention that the moisture content of each vegetable can be different, so add the patty mixture by taking this into consideration. The consistency should be somewhat soft. Let it rest for 10 minutes, so the dough will come together nicely. Divide into 4 equal parts, shape them into balls and fry them in a lightly oiled contact grill.

As soon as the buns have cooled down, cut them in half and heat them on the grill. Mix the coconut or almond yogurt with a little Dijon mustard, spread it on the buns and arrange the fillings on top according to your taste.


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