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For the dough:

For the soaking:

  • instant coffee
  • hot water
  • rum flavor

For the cream:

  • 350 g vegetable mascarpone
  • 30 g Eden Premium eritvia Max
  • 50 g very thick coconut cream
  • 350 g vegetable whipped cream

Other ingredients:

  • 10 g of cocoa powder


For the dough, mix the wet and dry ingredients, then pour them together and mix thoroughly. It will be a very thick dough, you can even knead it, expect that, so it should be like this. Grease the molds thinly with margarine, then spread the dough evenly in them (I got 16 dozen pieces, I measured them in advance, that's how much will fit in the bowl neatly layered). Bake in a 180-degree oven for 25-30 minutes, bottom-up.
For the cream, work the eritvia MAX and coconut cream into the mascarpone with a food processor, beat the foam base into a stiff foam, then carefully fold it into the thick cream cheese. Cut the cooled mussels in half with a sheet, then dip half in rum-flavored coffee and line them up in our dish (for me, 19x22 cm). Spread half of the whipped cream on top, then add another layer of coffee-dipped mussels. Spread the remaining whipped cream on top. We can even decorate it with a foam bag. Sprinkle thoroughly with cocoa powder. Put it in the fridge for a few hours.

@millandfolks Vegan tiramisu? YES! 😍 Full recipe on the website #millandfolks #plantbased #veganfood #veganrecipes #tiramisu #vegantiramisu ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


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